Wizard bubble wants to prove his magic skills are worth learning, so help him mix the ingredients to make some potions. Are you up to the task?


X : list of all ingredients

C : check level's recipe

ARROWS : bubble movement


Code: Bhérring Paucar @probe_31

Art: Daniel Wong @wopaworks

Music: Rodrigo Faleiros @rodfaleiros

** Special Thanks : @KerrieLake color pallete! and @ChevyRay fonts!


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WizardBubble_Linux.zip 34 MB
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Development log


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Hi there, this was a fun game to play up till Stage 6, as the bubbles are rather sensitive to twitchy fingers, which is both good and bad as it gives instant feedback, but reacts a little too fast at most times, such as when hitting a solid obstacle, and when spawning the next bubble right after destroying the previous bubble.

I get that the game was forcing me to relax when a bubble bursts, but restricting the movement of the new bubbles for a short period after they spawn would be of great help, and would further emphasise the idea that this is meant to be a relaxing game, not a race against time :p


Wow :D Thanks so much for the feedback . . . I will take it into account for the new version release :D


Make the bubble collider slightly more forgiving and that would be awesome :)


I agree. It is a really fun game concept but it is really difficult to avoid those spikes.


Hi :D Thanks for the feedback... I'm planning make another version and balance difficulty.

Good job, Congrats! i think you can use some app icon and app name in mac.  The game is really fun!


good game! congratulations!

Thanks :D